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Simple.TV gets Chromecast support, adds offline playback

Simple.TV's app on both iOS and Android will now be able to stream to the Chromecast.

The next-gen Simple.TV hardware

Simple.TV owners are getting another outlet for streaming their over-the-air TV.

Chromecast support was added to Simple.TV's app for iOS and Android today, enabling the ability to "cast" straight from the app to a Chromecast. The Chromecast joins Roku and Apple TV as supported living room devices, although Roku remains the only option with its own onscreen interface.

Simple.TV also announced that offline viewing is now available, letting owners download recorded material to a Mac or PC and also transfer that content to mobile devices. Offline functionality was a feature that was promised (and demonstrated) back at Simple.TV's original announcement at CES 2012, but it's just now making its way to the second-generation hardware.

Both offline access and Chromecast support work only with the second-generation Simple.TV box at the moment, although the company says it's working on bringing both features to the original Simple.TV box.