Sharp Aquos LC-46HD1E: Hard drive, 1080p and quieter ads

Do you want a 1080p television with a built in hard-drive recorder and something to shut up that Cillit Bang bloke? If so, Sharp has the TV for you

Ian Morris

Sharp has announced a new range of flagship televisions with a whole host of extra features -- including an integrated PVR with a 160GB hard drive to record stuff and 100Hz technology to reduce the motion blur often seen on LCD televisions.

There are two models in the range, the LC-46HD1E and the LC-52HD1E -- one is 46 inches and the other 52. We're sure you'll be able to guess which is which. The rest of the features are no less impressive. Both screens boast a response time of 4ms. Sharp claims a contrast ratio of 15,000:1 when it's in 'dynamic contrast' mode.

The 100Hz feature is becoming more common on LCD screens, as the manufacturers try to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of the technology. The Sharp 100Hz system increases the frame rate by filling in the gap between two frames based on what's just been shown.

Other features on the HD1E include a USB socket for connecting digital cameras and memory sticks, and two HDMI sockets for hooking up high-definition satellite and cable receivers, games consoles and your choice of Blu-ray or HD DVD.

There's also a feature that automatically reduces the volume during adverts, which should cut down on the number of people who have a heart attack when that Barry Scott bloke starts yelling about Cillit Bang without warning. -IM