Sharp Aquos LC-19D1E HDTV: Better red than, er... OLED?

Sharp has gone red in the face over the new colour for its 19-inch Aquos LC-19D1E high-definition TV

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Richard Trenholm

Sharp has obviously decided that new tellies aren't the order of the (Valentine's) day when a new lick of paint will do. So, with the greeting-card industry's favourite 24 hours looming, the Sharp Aquos LC-19D1E high-definition television is getting a new red edition.

Going red is a good thing. LG may have annoyed the heck out of us when it turned Scarlet, but long-time Craveologists will have noticed that red became our new accent colour in CNET UK's recent facelift. We like the LC-19D1E, describing it in our review as: "A great all-round performer at an affordable price... It's the best-value small-screen TV we've seen yet."

The LC-19D1E is a mere 19 inches corner to corner, but does boast a 176° viewing angle and 1,366x768-pixel resolution -- perfect for catching up with our current favourite redhead, Mad Men's razor-tongued Joan Holloway.

The LC-19D1E is available from March, for a scant £250, or thereabouts. You 'red' it here first. Well, here, actually, but we couldn't resist the pun.