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ShareBuds: Get 2 sets of earbuds in 1 connection

If you're in the habit of frequently sharing your headphones with friends and family members, the ShareBuds are an intriguing concept, though they're a bit overpriced.

Sarah Tew/CBS Interactive

Do you like to share your iPod's music with a friend, offering up one half of your earbuds so you can both listen at once? Or perhaps you have children that have to share one portable DVD player in the backseat of the car on long trips. Whatever the case, if you constantly find yourself one earbud short of stereo, Mida Interactive has one possible solution for you.

The ShareBuds MX Twin Stereo Earphones offer two pairs of earbuds integrated into one product. A single 3.5mm headphone plug can connect to any standard, portable audio source and is attached to a cord that eventually splits into four independent earbuds, allowing two users to share one experience without having to listen in mono. Sure, the cable-heavy design makes twists and tangles unavoidable--and the $40 price tag is a touch high when you consider a headphone splitter will set you back less than $5--but the ShareDuds offer an innovative way to provide stereo audio to two people at once.

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