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Sennheiser PCX 450: Peace at last

If the dull roar of life is spoiling your music then you need some noise-cancelling headphones --Sennheiser's new PCX 450s promise high quality sound, with no noise

If there's one thing Crave hates, it's commuting. We drag our tired, ageing carcasses out of bed at silly o'clock in the morning, haul it to the train station where a recorded announcement apologises for the late running of this service, caused by the wrong kind of pepper on the driver's boiled egg.

Then it's on to the late-running train to stand around with a sweaty commuter's arm in your face while you have to listen to the banal chatter of someone whose friend has a disease they caught from a piece of cheese.

What better way to make mornings less annoying than by listening to music? The problem is, some of the noise still gets through -- unless you have noise-cancelling cans. If you don't, then Sennheiser has some you'll love.

The £300 PXC 450s use the same noise-cancelling technology pilots use to reduce cockpit noise and chatter from air hostesses discussing their most recent holidays. They do have a button that will allow speech to pass through, so if someone has something important to say, you'll still be able hear it, if you so choose.

The headphones will last 20 hours on a single AAA battery and once the battery is flat, the headphones will continue to work, albeit without their noise-cancelling ability. They also fold flat for easy storage and boast very little noise leakage, so you won't be one of those idiots on the train with headphones so loud you could deafen people in another carriage. -IM