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Samsung's 2015 CES press conference: Join us Monday (live blog)

The South Korean electronics giant will show off its latest crop of TVs and home appliances during its presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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Shara Tibken
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Samsung introduced a bevy of new electronics during 2014 CES in Las Vegas. James Martin/CNET

It's time again for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, and Samsung's press conference is always one of the most anticipated presentations at the tech confab.

Don't expect any big mobile news at the show -- Samsung tends to save that for later in the year. But the South Korean electronics giant, which is the world's biggest TV and phone maker, will show off its latest crop of home entertainment products and appliances during its press conference.

Samsung's presentation starts at 2 p.m. PT on Monday, and we'll be bringing you all the news and commentary from inside the Mandalay Bay hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. I'll be live blogging along with David Katzmaier, and James Martin will provide photography from the event.

CNET's live blog of Samsung's 2015 CES press conference

You can figure out what time the keynote will start in your timezone here.

CES is one of the most important shows for Samsung, with the company revealing most of its television and home appliances lineups for the year. It's not a big show for Samsung's mobile business, though past shows have included new tablet announcements. For Samsung, CES is all about its electronics business.

Samsung's past CES press conferences have marked the introduction of curved Ultra High Definition TVs, bendable TVs, smart-home software, digital cameras and various other gadgets. Most of the products eventually make it to market, but some turn out to be concepts that consumers never see -- including 8K TVs, which are even more high definition than the 4K TVs that gained traction in 2014.

Samsung's events tend to be among the flashiest of CES, with guest speakers and long lines to get into the venue. Last year's show also included the infamous Michael Bay incident, perhaps the most talked-about moment of 2014 CES. The "Transformers" director was Samsung's big guest speaker at its press conference, but after an issue with a teleprompter, Bay found himself at a loss for words and simply walked off the stage.

Samsung undoubtedly hopes 2015 won't be a repeat of 2014 and the only buzz surrounding the presentation comes from its gadgets.