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Samsung's 110-inch 4K TV to cost US$150,000

We first saw it at CES 2013, but Samsung has only just put a price on the 110-inch version of its S9 TV.

Remember Samsung's easel-design 4K Ultra HDs from 2013?

The 110-inch S9 at CES 2013. (Credit: Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

During CES at the start of last year, Samsung showed off a few of these S9 model TVs, all sporting the same iconic design.

The 85-inch model hit Australia in April 2013 with the cool price tag of AU$39,999 — comparatively impressive, given the TV cost US$40,000.

But not only did we never see the 110-inch monster version in Australia, there was never a formal launch into the US market either.

Until now, that is. CNET US is reporting that the 110-inch S9 has just been given an official price tag — a rather hefty US$150,000.

It's not clear why Samsung has delayed this particular model. Back when the 85-inch S9 launched locally, Samsung's Philip Newton (then the vice president of consumer electronics) told CNET Australia that the company anticipated bringing the 90-inch and 110-inch versions of the S9 to Australia.

This may still be the case, but we'd actually expect Samsung to work on getting its curved TVs — both the 4K and Full HD versions — in the local market first. With sizes from 55- to 78-inches, these have a better chance of gain traction with Aussie consumers.