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Samsung working on firmware fix for European TV owners

A mid-August software update made some Samsung TV models unusable.

Samsung is working on a fix for 2017 MU Series TVs in Europe. 
Sarah Tew/CNET

Getting a software update pushed out to your phone, computer and other devices isn't unusual. What's rare is for that update to completely kill your device. 

For some Samsung TV owners in Europe, though, it seems that's exactly what happened. As reported earlier by The Guardian -- and evidenced by customer reports in Samsung's UK community forums -- Samsung TV owners are saying their sets stopped working entirely following a software update. They also reported that Samsung was failing to adequately respond to the complaints.

In a statement to CNET, Samsung said it is aware of a "small number" of TVs affected by a firmware update on August 17 to the European version of the 2017 MU Series TVs. 

"Once this issue was identified, the update was switched off and we're now working with each customer to resolve the issue. Any customers affected are encouraged to get in touch with their local Samsung customer service call center directly. We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience caused," the company said. 

CNET confirmed that our in-house US 2017 Samsung models are not affected by this software update issue. 

The TV troubles arrive during a week of highs and lows for Samsung. The company's Galaxy Note 8, unveiled just two days ago, is looking to erase the stigma of 2016's Note 7, which needed to be recalled last year -- twice -- after several devices overheated and caught fire. Earlier today, meanwhile, Samsung heir Jay Y. Lee was sentenced to five years in prison for bribery and other charges in a South Korean court.