Samsung unleashes app store for your TV, Blu-ray players and more

Samsung's app store, unlike its rivals, will offer applications that work across phones, computers and even televisions

Rory Reid
2 min read

Here at CES 2010, Samsung has announced it will be creating its own app store, but unlike its rivals, who offer applications on mobile phones, the Korean giant intends to supply apps that work across phones, computers, Blu-ray players, home-cinema systems and even TVs.

The Samsung Apps feature -- essentially an evolution of the company's Internet@TV concept -- will ship on the vast majority of Samsung tellies with screens 40 inches and above, starting with the 55-inch LED 9000 series. With these, users will be able to search and download applications even while watching TV. Some apps wil be bundled with the sets, some will become available for download over the sets' integrated Wi-Fi free of charge from this spring, while paid-for apps will start to arrive in the summer.

Currently, Samsung says the style of applications will be pretty diverse. Some will provide basic information like up-to-date weather, sports fixtures and results, picture viewing through the likes of Picasa, plus services such as BBC iPlayer and Twitter. Several apps will allow interaction betwen your Samsung mobile phone and your Samsung TV. In one example, the company said consumers would be able to play virtual poker using the television as the table, and their handsets to view cards and control the game.

Crucially, Samsung is making its app store an open platform, which should encourage third-party developers to create a decent number of apps and help ensure the system doesn't become a relic any time soon. Keep your eyes on CNET UK over the coming weeks when we'll bring you a more in-depth look at the best of these apps and the TVs they'll feature on.