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Samsung TV Soccer Mode means you'll never miss a goal

Samsung is playing to soccer fans in time for the World Cup with a new feature that analyses game play and automatically records key moments.

Samsung is promising soccer fans unparalleled playback options when they tune into the World Cup this year, with a new Soccer Mode feature on flagship TVs that automatically records key moments of gameplay.

Samsung's Series 8 Ultra HD TV. (Credit: Samsung)

The unique feature was announced at the launch of Samsung's 2014 TV range in Sydney and is set to be rolled out in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It also ties in nicely with the announcement that Samsung has signed up as an official sponsor of the SBS broadcast of the competition.

According to Samsung Australia Director of AV Brad Wright, Soccer Mode "will be delivering a viewing experience like never before".

"This is an incredibly intelligent piece of technology," said Wright. "The processing engine analyses the action from the game, paying particular attention to the commentators and the scoreboard, and automatically records the key highlights so you can go back and watch them again."

Wright sold this feature as "really relevant for Australian soccer fans", thanks to late-night game times that could leave viewers falling asleep and missing key moments of play.

But it's not just soccer fans who can expect this feature — Wright confirmed that Samsung is working on a Sports Mode for "footy tragics" that will be designed specifically for Australian sports, including AFL.

The Sports Mode feature could arrive as early as the end of the year.