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Samsung The Premiere is a 130-inch 4K TV powered by lasers, lenses, lumens

OK, technically it's a new ultrashort-throw projector. And no, we don't know the price yet.


Samsung TVs go big, topping out at 85 inches for 2020, but what if that's not big enough? Never fear, the world's top TV maker has something even more massive to keep you entertained at home. The Premiere is an all-new projector that uses ultra-short-throw laser technology to create an image measuring up to 130 inches. That's less than half the size of The Wall, but it'll have to do.

The Premiere comes in two sizes, model LSP9T for the 130-inch and LSP7T for the 120-inch version. It delivers 4K resolution and a peak brightness of 2,800 ANSI lumens, which is bright for a projector but dimmer than medium- and high-end TVs. Samsung touts it as the world's first HDR10 Plus projector -- that's Samsung's alternative to the more popular Dolby Vision HDR format -- and also the first projector to support Filmmaker Mode. And of course it includes Samsung's latest smart TV features.

On the audio side, built-in speakers use Acoustic Beam technology, similar to Samsung's 2020 soundbars. "It is designed for an easy setup and features fabric finishes around its edges," according to Samsung's press release.

Ultrashort-throw projectors are designed to sit close to a wall or screen, as opposed to shooting across a room like a traditional projector, and have been around for a while. Offered by companies such as SonyLG, EpsonOptomaHisense and Vava, they range from $2,000 to $15,000 and more. Laser light engines, which do away with replaceable lamps, are also becoming increasingly common and numerous projectors include 4K resolution and HDR.

Samsung didn't announce pricing for The Premiere, but did say it would be available later this year "starting in the US, Europe [and] Korea."

The Premiere debuted as part of Samsung's "Life Unstoppable virtual world" event that coincides with the IFA trade show in Berlin -- not to be confused with the Unpacked Part 2 event where it launched the Galaxy Z Fold 2