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Samsung LE32R87: Stylish, shiny, curvaceous and compact

If you want all the features and curvyness of a larger television, but in a compact 32-inch package, look no further than Samsung's LE32R87 LCD TV

Crave is a fan of curves. Curves are aesthetic and useful at the same time. Curves are what make motor racing entertaining -- where would ickle Lewis Hamilton be without wheels, corners and those girls who hold the umbrellas? Yes, we're big fans. So it was with much excitement that we noticed how wonderfully curvy the new Samsung LE32R87 is.

It's not just the curves that make the LE32R87 a great-looking TV though. It's got a piano-black finish -- all the rage these days. There are also some attractive silver details along the bottom and around the power button. The speakers are also delightfully hidden from view, which is always more pleasing to the eye.

Not only is the LE32R87 glorious to look at, it's also a very practical television. Not everyone wants or needs a huge screen, but at the same time, you still want access to the features available on larger TVs. Three HDMI sockets, for example, which you get on all screens in the R87 range -- even the petite ones. Of course there are also two Scart sockets and component video in for hooking up things that don't have HDMI.

The LE32 also features a built-in Freeview tuner, and an analogue one if you don't live in a digital region. There are also advanced picture modes that aim to eliminate film judder and increase the number of colours on-screen.

The TV also boasts a 6ms response time and a dedicated gaming mode, which should make it a popular choice with gamers everywhere. Did we mention the curviness? -Ian Morris

Update: a full review of the Samsung LE32R87 is now live.