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Samsung launches new 4K TV range

Samsung shows off its F9000 Ultra HD range, with 55-inch and 65-inch models available.

More Ultra HD TVs are on the way, with Samsung revealing its 55-inch and 65-inch models overnight.

Samsung's 4K F9000 in the 65-inch model. (Credit: Samsung)

The two new models will comprise the F9000 series, and will ship in the US in August for US$5499 and US$7499, respectively. At the moment, there are no details on Australian pricing or launch timings.

The TVs feature a great deal of design similarities to the F8000, which scored an Editor's Choice award in our review.

The similarities includes Samsung's excellent smart TV interface, as well as the camera, touch pad remote and, of course, the voice-recognition software.

In fact, the F9000 seems like basically the same TV as the F8000, but with two exceptions: a 4K panel and an enhanced sound system. The F9000 will reportedly pack in "two-way 2.2 channels of 70-watt sound".

Samsung does not appear to be offering a specialised Ultra HD player or content. Instead, the company is touting its 4K upscaling process:

The F9000 UHD TV utilises Samsung's proprietary Quadmatic Picture Engine, a four-step process including signal analysis, noise minimisation, UHD upscaling and detail enhancement to seamlessly up-convert SD, HD or full HD content to UHD-level picture quality.

We'll update with any local information as it comes to hand. Given that the pricing on Ultra HD models from LG and Sony begin at AU$6999 for the 55-inch LG model and AU$5999 for the Sony, we'd anticipate that Samsung would commit to a similar retail cost.