Samsung curved OLED TV hits Australian retail today

Samsung has held an Australian launch for its KN55S9C TV, with the 55-inch curved OLED unit available in a limited retail release for AU$10,999.

Nic Healey Senior Editor / Australia
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Nic Healey
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Samsung has revealed an aggressive local pricing strategy for its Ultra HD TV range, as well as being the first to market with a curved OLED TV.

The KN55S9C. (Credit: Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

At AU$4999 for the 55-inch Ultra HD and AU$6999 for the 65-inch version, Samsung is offering the TVs for less than similar models from LG and Sony. Sony's range, which is currently available, sell for AU$5999 and AU$8999, respectively. The pricing announced by LG for its models was AU$6999 for the 55 inch and AU$8999 for the 65 inch, although the LG units are yet to arrive in retail.

Samsung also revealed pricing for its 55-inch curved OLED, with the KN55S9C retailing for AU$10,999. The same unit sells for US$8999 in the US, where it was launched earlier in August.

The KN55S9C is available from lunchtime on 29 August in "limited numbers", and only from the Sydney-based Samsung Experience store. It's expected that a greater roll-out of units will follow, based on demand.

Brad Wright, director of A/V for Samsung, noted that Australia is the fourth country in the world to get the Samsung OLED panel.

(Credit: Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

LG has also indicated that it will soon begin retailing both its 55EA9800 curved OLED and the Ultra HD range it launched back in May. The company said it will make an announcement next week about pricing, with a view to being in retail with the 55EA9800 in September.

In the US, LG's curved OLED sells for US$14,999. LG announced this week that it would cut the pricing on the unit in South Korea by around 30 per cent, from 15 million won to 10.9 million won (or around US$9800).

It's possible that LG may announce adjusted pricing for its Ultra HD range on the back of price cuts made by Samsung and Sony on the same technology in the US.

Our CNET colleague David Katzmaier got hands on with the Samsung KN55S9C in the US, saying, "Simply put, the Samsung KN55S9C produces the best picture I've seen on any TV, ever."