Samsung's New S85D Entry-Level OLED TV Starts at $1,700

The new line of OLED TVs will rival LG's most affordable OLED TV, the B4 series.

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Bella Czajkowski

Samsung is adding a new, more affordable series of OLED TVs to its lineup. The S85D will range from 55 to 77 inches, nearly mirroring what will be its closest OLED rival: the LG B4.

Samsung's 55-inch S85D and LG's B4 are priced the same at $1,700. If you're looking for the 65- or 77-inch models, you'll pay slightly more for the S85D than the B4. Full pricing comparisons for this year's Samsung OLED TVs are listed below.

Samsung 2024 S95D, S90D and S85D OLED TV prices

QN77S95DAFXZ S95D77-inch$4,599
QN65S95DAFXZ S95D65-inch$3,399
QN55S95DAFXZ S95D55-inch$2,599
QN83S90DAFXZA S90D83-inch$5,400
QN77S90DAFXZA S90D77-inch$3,700
QN65S90DAFXZA S90D65-inch$2,699
QN55S90DAFXZA S90D55-inch$1,999
QN48S90DAFXZA S90D48-inch$1,600
QN42S90DAFXZA S90D42-inch$1,400*
QN77S85DAEXZA S85D77-inch$3,400
QN65S65DAEXZA S85D65-inch$2,100
QN55S65DAEXZA S85D55-inch$1,700

*The 42-inch S90D will be available at the end of May, according to Samsung.

Samsung's highest-end OLED TV, the S95D, is the only series with the company's flagship glare-free technology. 

Other features of the S85D include:

  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Dolby Atmos 
  • 4x HDMI 2.1 ports
  • Supports HDR 10 Plus content

Samsung will also add 42-, 48-, 77- and 83-inch sizes to its step-up S90D OLED TV series, which hit shelves in March. The 48-, 77- and 83-inch S90D TVs are available now, and the 42-inch is expected to arrive in late May.