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Samsung and LG both unveil world's biggest curved UHD TV

Samsung and LG reckon they've both unveiled the world's first 105-inch, curved Ultra High Definition television.

After Pacific Rim and Gravity this year and with a new Godzilla on the way, it seems we're going to need -- to paraphrase Chief Brody -- a bigger telly. Luckily Samsung and LG have both unveiled the world's first 105-inch, curved Ultra High Definition television.

These beastly 4K UHD TVs are so humungous, LG and Samsung must have awakened them from an aeons-old slumber at the bottom of an ocean trench.

First to blink a giant eye and wonder why these insignificant apes are bothering, it is the LG 105UB9, a 21:9 behemoth with a resolution of 5120x2160 -- that's 11 million pixels.

Samsung's Curved UHD TV boasts the same 21:9 aspect ratio and 5120x2160 resolution. This leviathan claims its Quadmatic Picture Engine technology will upscale any source to UHD quality.

You can buy 4K TVs now, but they still have a price to match the resolution, with tellies like the LG 65LA970W or Sony KD-65X9005 costing around four grand. There's also precious little UHD stuff to watch, confined to rarities such as the occasional Premier League game or Sony's half-hearted not-really-4K-at-all Blu-ray selection including Ghostbusters, two Spider-Mans, and Taxi Driver.

Both enormotellies will appear at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, where the best and the rest of the technology industry gathers in Las Vegas to show off their wares for the coming year. CNET will be there in force, bringing you news, previews, videos and hands-on first impressions of the coolest, quirkiest and awesome-est new products that will rock your world in 2014.

That includes the curved UHD TVs from LG and Samsung. Both companies claim their offering is the first, largest and most curved UHD TV in the world. Who's right? There's only one way to find out: fiiiiiiiiight!

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