Samsung Adds Smaller but Still Pricey microLED TV Offerings Starting at $110,000

The smallest is still a giant 89 inches.

Bella Czajkowski Associate Writer
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Bella Czajkowski

Samsung announced its most affordable microLED TVs to date on Wednesday, though they're likely still out of reach for many. The company is adding three new sizes to its existing lineup of ultra high-end, huge TVs.

The new sizes include:

  • 89-inch MS1B microLED TV ($110,000)
  • 101-inch MS1B microLED TV ($130,000)
  • 114-inch MS1B microLED TV ($150,000)

Samsung first started selling microLED TVs with The Wall in 2021. Aptly named, the 292-inch required installation of separate screen modules. Subsequent Samsung microLED releases, including this one, include premade TVs that don't require the combination of multiple screens like its larger versions. 

Other features of the MS1B series include 4K resolution, Dolby Atmos and AI processing. 

Mini-LED TVs are a step up from LCD TVs, but microLED TVs blow mini-LEDs out of the water. MicroLEDs are smaller and far more plentiful, creating top-of-the-line picture quality. But a six-figure TV still isn't affordable to most, even with Samsung's inclusion of smaller screen sizes.

The new models are available now.