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Roku TV comes to Insignia, Haier, adds 4K reference design

Our favorite smart TV platform will expand to two new brands in 2015, add additional models from TCL, and for the first time Roku TV will venture into 4K territory.


Roku TV is expanding, but not yet to any top-tier US TV brands.

The purveyor of our favorite smart TV platform of 2014 has announced two new hardware partners for 2015: Chinese TV maker Haier, and Best Buy house brand Insignia.

The Insignia Roku TVs will arrive first this spring. Pricing and screen sizes were not divulged, but Roku said they'll be inexpensive, much like the existing TCL and Hisense models.

A few more specifics (but not pricing) are available for the Haier sets, which will ship in the third quarter. They'll be known as "4 Series," offer slim-bezel designs and range from 32 to 65 inches. The 40- and 65-inch versions include 1080p resolution and a "Sound Chamber that produces enhanced sound quality, with superior dampening, improved mid-range response, cleaner and deeper bass, as well as overall richer sound texture," according to the press release.


As for TCL, it will expand its Roku TV offering to 12 additional models beyond the single series shipping now. They'll arrive in the US this spring, and pricing is yet to be announced.

Roku TV goes 4K too

TCL will also eventually offer a 4K-compatible Roku TV. Roku says its new 4K reference design incorporates Netflix's 4K streaming app as well as a 4K upgrade on the OS itself.

Roku didn't announce other 4K app partners ( such as Amazon) or 4K hardware partners beyond TCL. Timing for the TCL 4K Roku TV's arrival, and specifics like screen size and price, are also as yet unannounced.

We asked Roku about additional hardware updates to its line of streaming boxes and sticks, but the company said it would not be announcing any at the show.