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Roku streaming stick just got a price drop to $40

CNET's favorite streaming device is now an even better value.

Roku latest Streaming Stick is faster and offers headphone listening through your mobile device.
Sarah Tew/CNET

I've reviewed pretty much every streamer you can buy right now, and my current favorite is the Roku Streaming Stick. And now it's cheaper than ever.

As spotted by Cord Cutters News, Roku has permanently dropped the price from $50 to $40.

The USB stick-sized device serves up Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and thousands of other apps quickly and easily, and fits discreetly behind your TV. It's fast enough compared to the $30 Roku Express to be easily worth the price difference, and a better value, especially now, than Roku's 4K boxes like the $70 Premiere

Unlike the $35 Chromecast, it includes a real remote and on-screen menus, and can stream Amazon video. I also like Roku better than the $40 Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote because its interface doesn't favor one content provider over another.

The Roku stick is almost 16 months old, but it's still a current product. When I asked whether it would be replaced soon, a Roku representative declined to comment.

Updated with information from Roku.