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Roku Premiere 4K HDR is on sale for $30

Just in time for Mother's Day you can get 25% off ($10) an already affordable 4K streamer.

Sarah Tew/CNET

We've seen this sale before, but Amazon and others are offering the Roku Premiere 4K HDR for $30, or $10 off the regular price.

As CNET video guru David Katztmaier notes, the Roku Premiere is the cheapest streaming device on the market that can stream 4K HDR video. "This finger-sized mini box is barely big enough for the (included) HDMI cable, yet can output the highest-quality video from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Vudu and others, provided you have a 4K HDR TV and, in the case of Netflix, the most expensive subscription tier," he said. (Read the full CNET review.)

The $50 Premiere Plus adds an enhanced remote with a mic for voice searches and commands, and it doesn't need line-of-sight to the player, so you can stash the Plus out of sight. Alas, that model, which Katzmaier prefers, is not on sale, though Walmart is giving away three months of CBS All Access with it. (CNET is owned by CBS.)

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