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Roku Channel adds live ABC News feed

Roku has expanded its free Roku Channel with a News section featuring four new feeds plus some interface enhancements.


Roku has unveiled additions to its free Roku Channel with a News category, a Continue Watching feature and expanded Genre options.

Roku has partnered with ABC News, Cheddar, PeopleTV and Newsy for on-demand and live coverage as part of the News section. The updates are expected to go live on Roku streaming sticks, boxes and smart TVs in May. 

Roku representatives said the ABC News channel in particular will be "unfiltered, raw and authentic" with a single or multiscreen feed showing developing news without a news anchor. The ABC News app within Roku will also broadcast the live feed.

The Roku Channel went live in September 2017 as a place where any Roku user could access free movies and TV shows. It now has over a thousand titles on its roster, which run with "relevant and nonrepetitive" ads interspersed. 

The addition of Continue Watching allows users to pick up where they left off in a program, just like on Netflix and many other apps, and expanded genre options are more-specific permutations of "action," "comedy," etc., which again, is very similar to Netflix.