RIP 1GB iPod Shuffle, there's a new sheriff in town

Apple retires the 1GB iPod Shuffle and adds new colors to the current Shuffle line.

Jasmine France Former Editor

Amid the flurry of iTunes and iPod announcements yesterday, Apple quietly retired the 1GB iPod Shuffle. You remember it: that one that actually had buttons on it. Instead, the company is putting full focus on the teeny, tiny buttonless model, which is now available in both 2GB ($59) and 4GB ($79) capacities. The third-generation Shuffle is also newly available with blue, green, or pink paint jobs along with the traditional black and silver. In addition, Apple is offering a special edition version that is encased in super shiny stainless steel, available in 4GB only for $99. Besides the pricing, new color options, and 2GB capacity option, the third-generation iPod Shuffle remains the same. Read the full review.