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Rhapsody launches on LG, Panasonic, and Samsung TVs

Music-streaming service Rhapsody has announced it will be available on smart TVs from three manufacturers, with more brands in the coming months.

Rhapsody is officially available on four brands of smart TVs.

Music-streaming service Rhapsody has announced it will be available on Smart TVs from LG, Panasonic, and Samsung starting today, with Sharp and Xbox available in coming months.

Although the announcement came today, the service has been available on Panasonic and LG for a few months. Samsung is new with today's announcement. A Rhapsody app has also been available on Vizio TVs for the last two years. We're not surprised that Sony's Smart TVs, which support the competing Sony Entertainment Network's music service, aren't on the list of supporting TVs.

The new app appears to be different from earlier versions, with an updated interface. The company also says that based on user feedback it will work differently compared with how it works on the PC or other apps, by prioritizing features such as radio stations, favorite tracks, recommendations, and playlists.

Rhapsody is a subscription service that offers a selection of 16 million tracks and is already available on most smartphones and tablets (iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Android) and devices like Sonos and the Logitech UE.

"Our goal is to be within arm's reach for our customers so they can enjoy anytime, anywhere access to the music that matters most to them. For many of our customers, the living room and the TV are the focal point for digital media consumption," said Paul Springer, Rhapsody's SVP of product and design.

Neither Rhapsody nor the manufacturers has yet announced which years' televisions will be eligible for the download, but we will update when we have more information.

In comparison, competitor Pandora has free apps for Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio starting in 2012, and all major manufacturers bar LG for 2011.