Rewatch all 12 hours of CES 2020 press day: Samsung, Impossible Pork, pizza robots and more

Press conferences, Michael Phelps, fake pork and robot balls -- CES 2020's press preview day had it all.

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CES is where the technology year kicks off: It's a gigantic trade show (more than 170,000 attendees are expected) where the biggest names in consumer electronics converge on Las Vegas to show off the tech that will dominate our lives in the next decade. And press day at the show -- the day before the show floor actually opens -- is where the bulk of the news actually hits. CES 2020 was no different, given us everything from plant-based pork to tiny spherical robots to new innovations in sex tech -- and that's just for starters.

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CNET was there to cover it from start to finish -- from before the LG press conference at 8am straight through the Samsung keynote that ended the day around 12 hours later. You can rewatch the whole thing straight through, or you can jump around. We've included the time of day and the approximate time code for each event below. 

This video was recorded in Las Vegas on Monday, Jan. 6, 2020. 

YouTube time code / time of day

00:00 / 7:35 a.m. PT: LG press conference: LG teased its new 2020 OLED TVs, including its roll-up model that will retail for a whopping $60,000See everything LG announced at CES 2020.

01:30 / 9:15 a.m. PT: CNET Editors: What to expect at CES 2020: CNET's Connie GuglielmoJason Hiner and Roger Cheng offered a preview of the 2020 show, highlighting the early announcements and the overall themes of the show, and we got a sneak peek of the show floor under construction from Lexy Savvides and Claire Reilly.

02:25 / 10 a.m. PT: Panasonic press conference: Aside from new Technics noise-canceling true wireless headphones, a new OLED TV (unlikely to be released in the US) and a new gaming-friendly soundbar, Panasonic opted to talk up its sponsorship of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (featuring an on-stage appearance by gold medalist Michael Phelps) and its partnership with Disney, showing off an elaborate Star Wars-themed skit that touted the Panasonic laser projectors utilized in the company's Star Wars theme park rides. 

03:25 / 11 a.m. PT: Hisense press conference: The Chinese manufacturer presented a much more polished CES press conference this year, detailing its 2020 lineup of quantum dot TVs and even a laser-powered model

04:10 / 11:45 a.m. PT: LG Display: We got an exclusive deep dive on the latest OLED technology from LG's screen division, including some amazing curved and transparent screens that we'll likely see available later this decade.

03:15 / 12 noon PT: TCL press conference: In just 5 years, China's TCL has risen to become one of the top 3 TV brands in the US. In addition to touting its latest big-screen displays (and Roku TV Ready soundbars), the company made a splash with several new phones, including a 5G model. The company also touted its TV's gaming agility, announcing that some 2020 models will meet the new THX Game Mode certification standard.

04:25 / 12:50 p.m. PT: LG booth tour live: It doesn't open to the public until Tuesday, but we got a sneak peek at LG's booth from the Las Vegas Convention Center floor, and the company's amazing 200-screen "OLED Wave" installation.

05:25 / 1 p.m. PT: Toyota press conference: Instead of a car, Toyota announced a city. The auto giant is creating something the "Toyota Woven City" on the 175-acre site of a former factory in Japan, which it will use as a lab for testing urban transportation. 

05:55 / 1:30 p.m. PT: Alienware Concept UFO handheld gaming PC concept and Dell laptop prototypes: See the Alienware Concept UFO handheld gaming PC -- think a Switch-style PC that can play Halo -- unveiled for the first time on the CNET stage, along with some impressive Dell laptop prototypes, too

06:25 / 2 p.m. PT: AMD press conference:  Intel's  arch-rival brought its A-game, debuting a slew of new Ryzen CPUs and new GPUs for 2020, as well as the 64-core Threadripper CPU.

07:15 / 2:50 p.m. PT: UBTech Walker Robot: Lexy Savvides looks at a unique service robot. 

07:25 / 3 p.m. PT: Hyundai Motor Company press conference: Who needs cars when you can have a flying car? Hyundai's CES presser focused on the new S-A1 urban air taxi concept that it's developing in partnership with Uber. 

08:00 / 3:50 p.m. PT: The Picnic Pizza Bot is exactly what it sounds like: Claire Reilly previewed this "robot" (really more like a mini assembly line) that makes pizza without human intervention.

08:25 / 4 p.m. PT: Intel press conference: Intel's long and winding press conference took awhile to get to the good stuff, but we got to see a foldable screen PC prototype, a new video card and another cool preview of "volumetric video" that allows a "virtual camera" to shoot a football game from any angle

09:25 / 5 p.m. PT: Sony press conference: Who needs new TVs? In addition to its big reveal of the PS5 logo (along with confirmation that the next PlayStation will arrive in Q4 2020), Sony surprised everyone with... an electric car

09:55 / 5:45 p.m. PT: Oral-B iO and Opte's Precision Wand

10:20 / 6 p.m. PT: Impossible Foods: The Impossible Burger was the big hit of CES 2019 -- and now the company has followed up with Impossible Pork, a plant-based pork substitute that tastes devilishly close to the real thing. 

10:33 / 6:15 p.m. PT: Charmin: Ready for a robot that will deliver toilet paper to you on demand? We got a visit from the Rollbot.

10:55 / 6:30 p.m. PT: Samsung keynote: The Korean electronics giant outlined its master plan for the next phase of the Internet of Things, encapsulated in a BB-8-style spherical called... Ballie