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Pure Twilight eases you from the dark of the night to the radio morning light

Morning is broken with the Pure Twilight, a digital radio that recreates the soft caress of natural morning light.

Morning is broken with the Pure Twilight, a digital radio that simulates the soft caress of natural morning light, easing you from the land of nod back to life, ready to face the day.

Nothing to do with pasty emo vampires, the Twilight is a radio alarm clock with a big light-up dome on the top. There are assorted choices for how you want to be woken, from FM and digital radio to alarm sounds and natural sounds such as wind chimes or birdsong. The energy-saving LED light accompanies these, fading into life to simulate the rising sun.

Once you've soothingly eased into wakefulness, simply tap the dome to silence the alarm and rise from your bed ready to face the day with the vim and vigour of a naturally woken human being.

Twilight will also help you climb the wooden hill to bedfordshire with mood lighting and gradual fading out. Lullabies are available to bear children off to Sleepyland. It can also undulate between almost any colours -- and if you're not in the mood for bed just yet, it turns into a coruscating disco light.

The Twilight will also charge up to three devices via USB and is available now for £130.

We're finding ourselves oddly mesmerised by the Twilight, and it's making our imagination run riot.

The clock's arched, oddly organic dome pulsates with unearthly light, drawing you from a fitful sleep. Still groggy, you lean closer, wiping the sleep from your eyes, drawn nearer by the soft, whispering pulse. Leaning close, your eyes grow accustomed to the ethereal light... until you make out, inside the throbbing device... a living brain!

That's when you truly snap awake to the sound of the breakfast DJ's chatter. It was all a dream.

Or was it...?