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Pure Music unveiled, with 15m songs

Pure Music gives you access to over 15 million songs, and you can listen on your radio, phone, or PC. But how many can you stream?

Pure has unveiled Pure Music, and while we're straining to avoid lazy Spotify comparisons… it is a bit like Spotify.

The service offers over 15 million songs, most of which you can stream straight to your connected radio, PC, or smart phone, reports Music Ally. The selection includes tracks from Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Elvis Presley, and even Swede Mason's Masterchef Synesthesia mash-up from YouTube.

You can access Pure Music through the Pure Lounge iPhone app, and the forthcoming Android version. But you can only stream or buy unfortunately; there's no Spotify-esque caching for offline listening. Which is bad news if you're on the tube.

You can see recommendations based on what people are listening to, set up playlists, or you can just search for artists and tracks. It'll also tie into FlowSongs (the existing method of tagging a song you hear on a Pure radio to listen to later); but instead of buying them as one-off downloads, as before, you can stream the tunes you've tagged. That spells money saving to us.

Speaking of money, Pure Music will launch in December and cost £4.99 a month -- that's the same as Spotify's Unlimited deal, though not as cheap as the ad-supported free version of Spotify.

While those 15 million songs are available, exactly how many you'll be able to stream is still open to question. Pure is building on its relationship with 7Digital, hoping to have a sizeable catalogue licensed for December's launch. Fingers crossed.

Spotify recently signed a deal with Facebook to bring music to the social network. Google is also working on its own music store to launch imminently, that'll let you share songs with friends.

Are you looking forward to Pure Music? And can it compete with Spotify? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Image credit: Music Ally