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Profigold PROV1015: Long-distance 1080p with 15m HDMI cable

Not everyone has their Blu-ray player next to the TV -- if you're one of those long-distance sorts you'll be thrilled to hear about a 15m HDMI cable

Yesterday a package arrived here at Crave that weighed as much as a fairly hefty puppy, which was slightly confusing. Who had sent us a puppy, and why wasn't it barking? It transpired it was in fact an HDMI cable. But not just any HDMI cable, a 15m-long Profigold PROV1015, which went some way to explaining the prodigious weight.

The PROV1015 is very well constructed, which is one of the reasons it has some girth to it. Plugging the connector into an HDMI socket resulted in a firm contact and no fear that the cable would fall out of the back of the TV at the drop of a hat -- some very large electronics companies have sent us cables that threaten that, and we get quite cross at such shoddiness.

It's fair to say that a 15m cable won't be a priority for everyone, but if you've got a need for one -- a projector ceiling mount maybe, or you want to wire something behind walls and keep your HD equipment out of the way -- you'll want to make sure you drop some cash to get something sturdy. The Profigold comes with a ten-year warranty, so if something turns out to be amiss, you can get it fixed without fuss.

The PROV1015 claims full support for 1080p video and deep colour. The contacts are gold and the cable is screened multiple times to keep noise out and thus prevent any potential data transmission errors. Distortion from an HDMI cable can look like white spots or, at the extreme end, high-definition snow -- certainly something to avoid if possible.

We tested the cable by plugging it into our TV in the testing room and the other end into a Toshiba HD-EP35, which is just slightly less than 15m away on our desk. We're pleased to report 100 per cent success, with a clean, noise-free signal received by the TV and a sense of achievement in our hearts -- you'd have thought we made the cable speak to us.

The Profigold PROV1015 15m cable -- and other lengths -- will be available soon, but there is not yet any pricing available. Please don't sent puppies to us either -- we love them, but this office really isn't a good home for a dog. –Ian Morris

Update: The Profigold PROV1015 costs £250 and is available from BBG Distribution.