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Profigold PROS1002: For when your HDMI needs switching

If you've got an older TV you might not have enough HDMI sockets for all your HD equipment. Don't worry though, Profigold wants to help with its delightful switcher

It doesn't seem to matter how many HDMI sockets manufacturers put on a TV: it's never enough. If your TV is a couple of years old, you might only have one or two HDMI sockets, and that's nowhere near enough.

Like many manufacturers, Profigold has HDMI switchers that enable you to plug two devices into just one socket. Useful if you're deficient in the HDMI department. The device itself is a compact little unit with two sockets on one side, for inputs and a third on the other, for the output. The whole thing feels sturdy, and the terminals are gold-plated, for a long and happy life.

To switch between the inputs, a remote control is supplied with an IR receiver that you can put in a visible location, while keeping the switch itself tucked away. If you don't want yet another remote, there's also a button on the switch itself. The advantage of the IR option is that you can probably program a universal remote to deal with the switching business.

We also tried two of the switches together, because it's conceivable you might want to do such at thing. Because they're infrared-controlled, one remote can control both switches. We can see advantages to that, but we can also see the potential for confusion when you're trying to work out what's plugged into what.

The PROS1002 costs £80, which we'll admit is a hefty amount, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. You'll be able to get it shortly in the UK from BBG Distribution.