Pro-Ject Debut Pro turntable takes on under-$1000 competition

The $899 Debut Pro offers a wealth of features including electronic speed control, adjustable feet and a carbon fiber tonearm.

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Ty Pendlebury

The Pro-Ject Debut Pro


Hi-fi manufacturer Pro-Ject is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a follow-up to its excellent Debut Evo turntable: the Debut Pro. 

At a $899 retail price, it's plain to see the new Debut Pro is gunning for the Rega Planar 3's dominance of the under-$1000 landscape. The Pro-Ject even manages to outdo the Rega in several key areas, including adjustable feet!

The Pro features a new 8.6-inch, carbon fiber tonearm with a wrapped aluminum arm tube. The thick platter is also black-colored aluminum and, like the Debut Evo, features TPE damping underneath.

The turntable features a preinstalled Sumiko Rainer cartridge (a $149 value) and -- for the first time in a Debut model -- the tonearm height and azimuth are both adjustable.

The Debut Pro also includes a number of convenience features missing from the Rega Planar 3, including the height-adjustable metal feet and electronic speed selection. No more removing the platter to change to 45 rpm.

In its 30 years, Pro-Ject has proved to be one of a handful of companies that can deliver tremendous bang for buck. For example, the Debut Evo and T1 turntables are my favorite models under $500 and $400, respectively. I look forward to listening to the Project Debut Pro in the near future.

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