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Poll: Why would you buy a new iPod, iPad, Zune?

Some folks will be trading up to an iPad, and some only buy a new player when the old one breaks. How many iPods have you owned?

The iPad is touted as the ultimate portable-entertainment device, so I'm sure at least some of you are considering retiring your iPod. Trading up to the latest gadget is probably the top reason most folks dump their old music players.

I still have the iPod I bought in 2003, and I use it a few times a week. I've never had a battery problem, and it still has the original battery. I'm a weird guy. I just need an iPod to play music, so all the new apps and features don't sway me. Is anybody still using a first-generation iPod?

Do you stick with Apple players, or switch to other brands of MP3 players?

Tell us if you've never bought an Apple player, and never intend to. Will the iPad tempt you to take a bite out of the Apple?

How many players have you owned so far? What's the player's average life expectancy? Do you only buy a new one when the old one dies?

Do you believe other brands are more or less reliable than Apple players?

Have you invested in quality headphones, and do you continue to use them when you buy a new player? What lasts longer: the player or the headphones?

Please answer these questions in the comments section.