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Poll: What's hooked up to your AV receiver?

Has connectivity gone wild? Today's AV receivers' rear-ends present a bewildering array of jacks, is it too much? Take the poll and express yourself!

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm guessing 70 percent to 80 percent of you have a maximum of four sources hooked up to your AV receivers.

You've got a Blu-ray/DVD player, cable/satellite box, maybe a game and a VCR wired up, and you're done. Most of the jacks remain empty, nothing wrong with that, but all that extra capability adds to the complexity and cost of the receiver. Has connectivity gone wild?

Pioneer Electronics

How many sources do you have hooked up to your receiver?

Do you use mostly analog or digital inputs?

Yes, I'm sure, some of you have a turntable--did you buy a receiver with a built-in phono section, or did you buy an add-on phono preamp?

iPod or iPod dock?

Anybody still using a CD player at home?

SACD or DVD-Audio player?

Sirius, XM or Internet radio?

Do you have more than one game? How did you hook them up?

Did the number of HDMI inputs sway you?

How many HDMI sources do you have now?

A Laserdisc player?

Cassette, reel-to-reel, or 8-track tape machine?

Digital audio recorders? CD recorder or DAT machine?

What about USB or Bluetooth sources?

Did the total number of inputs and input types play a role in your buying decision?

Do you ever use your receiver's front panel inputs?