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Poll: Has sport in HD changed your world?

Have you bought an HD television with watching the AFL Grand Final or Rugby World Cup in mind? If you've watched any sport in HD, were you impressed? Join in our CNET.com.au readers' poll.

HD Sport poll

We've been whinging for ages about the lack of sport programming in high definition in this country -- especially last year, when the Winter Olympics, Commonwealth Games and FIFA World Cup all passed us by without an HD look-in.

We've not been shy about taking Channel Ten to task in the past, but now that they've stepped up and have televised the AFL Grand Final and the 2007 Rugby World Cup in HD, we're ready to tip our hat and offer kudos to the first Australian broadcaster to put our beloved footy codes in high def.

All up, by the end of the year Ten will have broadcast 246 hours of live HD sport and has promised that next year all of its AFL games will be transmitted in 1080i resolution HD.

Hopefully, this trickle of sport in high definition glory (with Dolby Digital surround sound) will become a flood and other broadcasters will follow Ten's lead. But are we overstating the impact of HD sport telecasts? Have you bought an HD television with watching the Grand Final or World Cup in mind? If you've watched any of these matches in HD, were you impressed? Take our poll and tell us what you think in our comments section below!