Polk and Definitive Technology sign up for DTS Play-Fi streaming products

After ​debuting late in 2013, little has been heard about DTS' Play-Fi, but now Polk and Definitive are the first major companies to announce products supporting the wireless music standard.

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Polk's Omni Wireless Music System Polk

Speaker manufacturers Polk and Definitive Technology have simultaneously announced multiroom streaming products featuring DTS' Play-Fi technology.

Polk has immodestly called its new Omni series of products the "First Great Sounding Wireless Music System" and it features two speakers, a sound bar, an amplifier, and an adapter for existing systems.

The two speakers are the Omni S2 ($179), which offers a compact size as well as phone charging, and the Omni S2 Rechargeable ($249), which offers portability as well as weather-proofing for outdoor use.

The Omni SB1 Sound Bar ($699) offers a separate 8-inch wireless subwoofer and features VoiceAdjust Technology in a bid to produce clearer dialogue.

Following Sonos' lead, Polk also offers an streaming amp (Omni A1 Amplifier, $399) and a separate adapter for streaming to an existing system (Omni P1, $299).

Definitive has announced the "First Audiophile-Grade Wireless Music System." Definitive Technology

Meanwhile Definitive is going for the higher end with a similar set of products that includes the W7 Wireless Speaker ($399), the W9 Wireless Speaker ($699), the W Studio Sound Bar with included Subwoofer ($1,299), the W Adapt ($399), and the W Amp ($499)

The speakers feature DTS' Play-Fi, which is designed to be an open-platform system offering cross-compatibility among different companies, as well as operating over Wi-Fi instead of a proprietary mesh network.

The Play-Fi app features support for Pandora and Spotify as well streaming from a user's phone or DLNA server (NAS or PC).

Until now Play-Fi has only appeared in a couple of -- frankly disappointing -- budget systems from DTS sister company Phorus, as well as a standalone speaker from Wren.

Both sets of products will be available in October.