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PlayStation Vue announces a la carte service, coming to SF and LA

Sony's PlayStation live TV streaming service is launching tonight in new markets, as well as offering an a la carte service.

Andrew House at E3. Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET

Speaking at Sony's presentation on Monday at the 2015 E3 gaming expo, the company announced big changes coming to its Vue, its live TV streaming service -- new regions, as of tonight, and an a la carte channel service launching in July 2015.

"This year, we also delivered on the promise of PlayStation Vue, one of the most ambitious services we've created since launching the Network," said Andrew House, president and global CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.

"PlayStation Vue is not just a streaming service, it's a complete live TV experience designed for the gamer, making it simpler and easier to find the television they want. We are currently in the New York, Chicago and Philadelphia markets; and we are launching tonight in San Francisco and in Los Angeles."

Currently, Vue, which launched in March of this year, offers users bundles of channels. Its offering, however, will be expanding to allow users to pick and choose which channels to which they wish to subscribe.

"Starting in July, we will be offering a la carte channels nationwide, and we will be the first pay TV service to allow users to subscribe to individual channels without the purchase of a multi-channel bundle," House said.

The initial a la carte offering will launch with Showtime, Fox Soccer Plus and a new exclusive channel from Machinima. PlayStation Plus members will receive discounted rates for these packages, but those rates are yet to be revealed.

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