Phiaton PS 320 headphones a compact alternative to earbuds

If you loathe sticking earbuds in your ears and demand crisp, bright audio response, the Phiaton PS 320 Headphones are a good choice.

Jasmine France Former Editor

With the number of people listening to music on the go, it's no surprise portable headphones are flying off the shelves. For those who are looking for extreme portability, the obvious choice is earbuds, but certain users are uncomfortable sticking things in their ears. For them, there are compact on-ear models like the Phiaton PS 320 Primal Series headphones, a lightweight set that can be worn for extended periods without discomfort.

This $199 set of earphones is a good option for travel hounds and commuters who are looking for an alternative to standard earbuds, but the set is relatively light on features.

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