Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD80: 720p LCD TV bargain

If you're looking to enjoy glorious HD content, the Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD80 promises to delight those with no interest in selling a kidney to finance a new TV purchase

Ian Morris
2 min read

Not so very long ago, if you wanted an LCD TV of any size you were going to be looking at a significant outlay. These days, with new CRT models virtually extinct, flat-panel TV prices are dropping like eyelids during the womens' golf. Proof if you need it is the Viera TX-32LXD80, a 32-inch LCD from Panasonic, which has a street price of around £570.

Panasonic seems to have avoided any cost cutting, at least on the surface. It's a smart-looking TV -- although not the most beautiful piece of hardware you'll clap eyes on this year, it certainly won't upset your sight spheres sitting in the corner of your living room. It also has three HDMI sockets -- generous for a 32-inch TV -- and a pair of Scarts. There are component and VGA inputs too, of course.

You also get an SD card socket, which you can use for viewing digital photos. This is especially handy if you have a camera that shoots in a wide aspect ratio, which the Panasonic Lumix range conveniently does. There's a conditional access model socket, for adding a TopUpTV CAM, which is mainly useful for Setanta.

With a resolution of 1,366x768 pixels, this TV won't appeal to HD snobs who insist on 1080p, but take it from us, at 32 inches you really don't need a higher resolution, not unless you've had an eye transplant from a hawk. The IPS-Alpha panel should also mean you get a decent viewing angle too, which will appeal if you have a wide room.

As much as we think this TV is a bargain, we can't help being drawn to Panasonic's 37-inch 37PX80 plasma set, which is also a 720p TV, at a similar price, but it impressed us and is well worth considering. We'll have a review for you soon, so stay tuned. –Ian Morris

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