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Panasonic tech support through Facebook, Twitter

Customers can contact Panasonic support reps through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to get help with fixes, further information and links to product how-to videos.

Tech support in 140 characters or less? Panasonic's going to give it a whirl, or shall we say tweet, as part of its social media customer service initiative.

Panasonic Australia is launching support services for its Viera televisions and Lumix cameras through Twitter and Facebook. Customers will be able to contact Panasonic support reps through these popular networks and receive replies with further information and fixes or links to product how-to videos on YouTube.

Why sit on hold for customer support when you can get help through Twitter? (Credit: Panasonic)

A Panasonic support team spent more than a month monitoring the social media sites, recording the type of queries posted and the answers provided. Brett Buckingham, director, Customer Care, Panasonic Australia says "It is incredible how well versed consumers are about our products, with many queries being solved or at least answered by other members of social media networks around the world".

Buckingham believes that using sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will enhance, rather than replace the existing knowledge pool and tech support offerings, particularly when customers want to speak directly to the company.

Those looking to make friends or follow Panasonic can find them here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/panasonicaustralia

Twitter: twitter.com/panasonicau

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/panasonicaustralia