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Own Firefly: The Complete Series for just $5

Vudu has the best (and only) season of the cowboy space epic Firefly on sale this weekend for $5, just in time for Father's Day

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Creator Joss Whedon (seated right) and the some of the cast of short-lived but much-loved sci-fi show "Firefly."
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This story is part of Father's Day Gift Guide, featuring our top picks for dads who love tech.

Firefly is one of the most-beloved science fiction series of all time, despite having only lasted a single season. And now it can be yours for five bucks.

There are two kinds of people: those who think that Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) is the best space captain, and those who haven't seen the show. The series is available on DVD and Blu-ray for $20, but now you can get the Vudu HDX (1080p) version for just $5.

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Creator Joss Whedon (Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) seemingly took steps to ensure a second season didn't happen with the Serenity feature film, though rumors still persist. Incidentally, the Serenity Blu-ray is actually cheaper at Amazon for $7 right now.

If strong, sarcastic men with chiseled features are your thing, you may also be interested in this: Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures is on sale at Vudu for $25. Yes, that's all four movies. They're also available for $8 separately, so just consider that you're getting the Crystal Skull nearly for free.

Fair warning: These Indy movies are all streaming on Netflix right now, but they won't stay there forever.

There are plenty more decent deals at Vudu's Father's Day sale page, too. 

Remember that the Vudu app exists on nearly every major device and platform (iOS, Android, Xbox, PS4 and Roku, to name a few), but alas: these titles aren't Movies Anywhere compatible

But hey, at least Indiana Jones is coming back

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This story was originally published earlier in June.