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Over half of smart TVs never go online

New research suggests that most users are letting their smart TVs stay dumb.

According to LG, one in four Australians don't know whether the TV they own is a smart TV or not.

The part needs the internet to work. (Credit: Sony)

Now, according to research from Analysys Mason, that might not even matter as less than half of smart TV owners actually even connect their device to the internet anyway.

Analysys Mason conducted the research in October 2012 across France, Germany, Poland, Spain, the UK and the US.

It found that only 44 per cent of smart TV owners were bothering to get their television online. Even owners in the younger demographic of 18-34 were only 50 per cent likely to have connected their smart TV.

When analysing this curious disconnect between smart TV ownership and getting use from the functionality, the research firm felt that a "lack of compelling content and applications" and "poor user interfaces" were likely to be the biggest culprits.

The findings certainly seem to suggest that manufacturers not only need to educate users on what smart TVs are capable of, but also work on developing partnerships to ensure that content and apps available are engaging and entertaining.

More natural and intuitive interfaces will also go a long way to ensuring that users are even able to find the content that interests them in the first place.

"By creating an intuitive experience that seamlessly combines the efficiency of traditional broadcasting with the diversity of the internet, manufacturers can drive consumers to effortlessly embrace the 'smart' functionality within their TV sets," said senior analyst Cesar Bachelet. "Only then will smart TVs truly be successful."