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Our favorite Vizio TVs are even cheaper now for Black Friday

The Vizio M series delivers the best picture quality for the money of any TV we've tested this year, and now it's up to $150 off. The step-down E and D series are also on sale.

The Vizio M series has a free tablet remote, support for both HDR formats, and excellent picture quality for the price.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Sure there are plenty of crazy doorbuster prices on TVs this Black Friday, but they're typically bargain-basement models we can't vouch for.

If you're actually looking for a well-reviewed TV, however, many of those are on sale too.

The Vizio M series is a great example. It's our highest-rated TV of the year when you consider the price-to-picture ratio, earning an "8" in image quality, a "10" in value and CNET's Editors' Choice award in our review. If you want a better picture, you'll have to pay a few hundred more dollars, at least.

The M was affordable enough already, but today Vizio dropped the prices on the 50-, 55-, 65- and 70-inch sizes even further, with discounts of up to $150.. Here's a look.

Vizio M series Black Friday pricing

Model Size Price Savings
M50-D1 50 inches $700 $150
M55-D0 55 inches $749 $50
M65-D0 65 inches $1,149 $150
M70-D3 70 inches $1,800 $100

The 50-inch model is a particularly great deal at $700, and the 65-inch size is also a phenomenal value for the kind of picture you get.

In case you care, Vizio's M series also comes with a full-function Android tablet as its remote control. If that sounds annoying (and trust me, it can be), you can use the included secondary standard remote for basic functions. The M has 4K resolution, supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10 high dynamic range content, and employs full-array local dimming for an excellent picture. Check out our full review for all the details.

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The company is offering even steeper discounts on a plethora of sets in its E and D ranges too. We haven't reviewed them (yet), but an initial look at the E series confirms what we found last year: great image quality for the money, again thanks to local dimming. It's not as good as the M, however.

But wait, you ask: what about Vizio's P series? It received an even higher image quality score in our review, but Vizio hasn't offered any discounts on it so far, Best Buy.com is out of stock, and orders on Vizio.com appear to be backed up (the site says "Ships within 30 days" on all available sizes). In my M series review I said "If you can afford the P, I think it's money well spent, but I won't blame you for opting for the M instead and saving the dough." That advice still stands, and my ratings aren't changing, but I can understand why it would be tougher than ever to buy a P instead now. I won't judge.

Check out all of Vizio's Black Friday deals here. The pricing is also good at Best Buy, Walmart and some other retailers, but Amazon doesn't sell the M or E series.