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Aussie streaming service Stan starts production on original series

Having already announced development deals for two shows, Stan has commenced production on a third: a comedy series called "No Activity."

Stan, the Australian streaming service jointly run by Fairfax and Nine Entertainment, has commenced production on the first of its planned original content series.

"No Activity," an improvisational comedy about two detectives on a stakeout, is being made for Stan by production house Jungleboys, the creators of "The Moody's" and "The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting."

Shooting for the production is being held in Sydney and Los Angeles and confirmed actors include Patrick Brammall, Darren Gilshenan, Harriet Dyer and Sam Simmons.

Stan had previously announced development deals for two other series: "Wolf Creek" and "Enemies of the State," but "No Activity" is the first to formally begin productions.

"Wolf Creek," based on the horror film franchise of the same name, is being developed by the original film's writer and director, Greg McLean, while "Enemies of the State" is a political drama from the producers of the award-winning "Rake."

Original productions are increasingly becoming a key market driver for streaming services. Netflix has a number already under its belt -- including the multiple-award winning "House of Cards" and the recent comedy "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." While Netflix has no firm plans for a local Australian production, the service isn't ruling it out, noting that any original content must have cross-market appeal.

Stan, being an Australian-only service, is creating the show for a single market, although there are plans for international distribution of "No Activity", which will be shared between Stan and Jungleboys.

"No Activity" will premiere exclusively on Stan in "late 2015," according to the press release.