OnePlus joins the TV game with Q1 series, but it's only available in India

The phone-maker's first OnePlus TVs are out.

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Eli Blumenthal
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OnePlus TV Q1 Pro

OnePlus' new OnePlus TV Q1 Pro.


As anticipated,  OnePlus is expanding beyond phones and into televisions , but don't expect to replace your current living-room setup right away. In addition to announcing the new OnePlus 7T, on Thursday the Chinese smartphone maker introduced its first televisions, the OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro, but it's keeping the initial launch limited to India.

The new televisions are largely similar and feature 55-inch 4K QLED panels with Dolby Vision, HDR 10+ and HLG support. Both are powered by Google's Android TV platform and feature 4 HDMI ports on the back. An Apple TV-like remote controls the television, with a built-in mic for addressing Google Assistant. Users can also control the TV via a OnePlus Connect app on their phones. 


The OnePlus TV Q1 remote.


In addition to controlling navigation, the app will sync with the TV to automatically lower the volume when a call comes in and then raise it back up when the call ends.

Although largely similar, the differences between the Q1 and Q1 Pro are in their speakers, with the Q1 featuring four built-in speakers and the Q1 Pro doubling the count to eight. Both have 50-watt output, a built-in woofer and Dolby Atmos support, but only the Q1 Pro features a slick slide-out mechanism that brings down a speaker bar below the display when the TV is on and retracts it when it is off. The regular Q1 doesn't feature a soundbar


OnePlus' OnePlus TV Q1. 


Both televisions begin shipping in India starting on Friday, Sept. 28. Pricing for the Q1 will be 69,900 INR (roughly $985) while the Q1 Pro will cost 99,900 INR (roughly $1,410). 

OnePlus says there is "no timeline" for when the TVs will arrive in the US. 

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