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OnePlus CEO teases new TV, shows off Apple TV-like remote

The OnePlus TV is coming, but its remote will look surprisingly familiar.

The OnePlus TV is coming, and more details are slowly being revealed. 

A new, cheaper phone isn't the only new product OnePlus has in the works. The company is also planning to debut its first smart TV this year, with founder and CEO Pete Lau continuing to tease the forthcoming television in new tweets. 

After previously revealing that its new Android-powered TV will be called the OnePlus TV and have a QLED display, Lau tweeted a picture of the remote Thursday night. While minimalist, it bears a striking resemblance to a different smart TV box remote. 

Trackpad, a handful of buttons, voice control (in this case via the Google Assistant), charger on the bottom... looks surprisingly familiar. 


The Apple TV remote. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

The similarities between the two controllers were noticed by Twitter, with a number of users pointing out the resemblances.  

Unlike the Apple TV, of course, OnePlus's TV will be an actual television and not just a connected box. While we still don't know the price or any exact release information, Lau previously wrote in an August blog post that the television would arrive in India this month.

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