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'No catch, no subscription': SBS On Demand releases 400 free movies

SBS has released a treasure trove of weird and wonderful movies (as well as a bunch of old favourites) to its On Demand app, giving movie buffs free streaming access for a year.

SBS has boosted its catalogue of free films for a full year. Screenshot by Claire Reilly/CNET

SBS is promising a "no catch, no subscription, no illegal downloading" bonus for movie buffs, releasing 400 free movies to its SBS On Demand streaming service.

The broadcaster is making its expanded catalogue of movies available for one year, from today, with roughly 10 to 20 new titles being added every month. The films will be available to stream across a range of devices through the SBS On Demand app, including iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Xbox, PlayStation, Smart TVs and HbbTV-compatible TVs.

The films have been collated from all over the world, reflecting SBS's international focus, so the deal is a good one for art house fans. But there are also some famous titles thrown into the mix, including "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", "Vicky Christina Barcelona" and "Mulholland Drive".

Films are listed by title and genre, and SBS has also curated a number of themed collections, including Famous Faces, Fright Night and Festival Favourites.

The 400 Free Movies launch follows the broadcaster's 'Online Film Festival of 100 Clicks' which saw SBS Movies releasing 108 movie titles for online streaming over the month of March. According to SBS, the 100 Clicks festival saw 824,000 video stream views, almost double the monthly average for the previous year.

Host of SBS 2's Movie Mayhem Marc Fenell called this latest offer a "movie lover's dream".

"There's no catch, no subscription, no illegal downloading, just an amazing selection of movies from around the world on SBS...available to watch on your tablet, desktop, mobile or through your internet connected TV," he said.

We took a look at the collection -- here's our pick of the best/craziest movies on offer:

  • "Strippers Vs Werewolves": "When werewolf chief Jack Ferris is accidentally killed in a strip club the girls who work there have until the next full moon before his bloodthirsty wolfpack seek murderous retribution."
  • "Big Man Japan": "A middle-aged eccentric living in a rundown house, Daisato's job involves receiving electric shocks that transform him into a stocky, stick-wielding giant several stories high who is entrusted with defending Japan from a host of bizarre monsters. But while his predecessors were national heroes, he is a pariah among the citizens he protects."
  • "Dumplings": "A twisted and disturbing psycho-drama about one woman's desire for eternal youth. The wealthy woman, who tries to win back her husband's affection by regaining her youth and beauty, is assisted by a mysterious cook who makes human dumplings."