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New S-Series Walkman or Hannah Montana cast-off?

Possible update to the S-Series Walkman is spotted in the wild.


OK, maybe I'm being too harsh on what appears to be the next-generation S-Series Walkman, but come on! Could Sony possibly evoke Mickey Mouse any more? Admittedly, the current S-Series has a special place in my heart, and I've been eagerly awaiting a follow-up to the line, which I had on good authority would be in my hands by this fall. As such, I don't doubt SonyInsider's breaking story has at least a hint of accuracy.

But I have to say I'm none-too-taken with the Disney-esque design of the purported player, though maybe it's the bright purples and pinks that are throwing me off--no doubt the black version looks much more subtle.

But let's take a moment to focus on the positive, shall we? First of all, look at that glorious screen! It looks massive--at least for a device as small and slender as this Walkman appears to be. Also, check out the integrated speakers on that puppy; looks like an indicator that we might be getting stereo sound out of two speakers (flanking the top and bottom of the display).

And I have no doubt the S-Series will continue to pack in all the great features we've become used to: noise-canceling capability, quality earphones, iTunes podcast support, subscription music playback, an FM tuner, and SensMe Channels smart playlists. Not to mention prevalent album art and--dare I speak of it? Integrated Slacker support, perhaps? True, that looks like a metal chassis, meaning Wi-Fi is unlikely, but a girl can dream. While I'm at it, give me 16GB and 32GB versions, please. Thanks in advance, Sony.