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New Google TV 2.0 hardware coming soon

While existing Google TV customers will receive the "next" update early next week, Google says it will take several months for new hardware to emerge.

google tv update
The Google TV update includes a new music hub, but no hardware updates yet.

The Google TV 2.0 update is almost upon is, but unfortunately there will be no new hardware to accompany it...yet.

According to Google engineers, new hardware is planned for release later in the year, and while the company was unable to go into specifics, we believe this could include the Vizio Google TV the company previewed at CES 2011. It's rumored to go on sale in December 2011.

Google also suggested that in addition to new devices, those with existing hardware--sets from Sony and Logitech--would receive new peripherals such as remote controls.

Google said the company had learned from user experiences in the first round of products and promised interface hardware that was more "intuitive." The Sony remote resembles a PS3 controller but has been criticized for small buttons and a twitchy optical mouse.

What would these devices consist of? The Logitech Revue currently has a Skype peripheral, so could we be seeing Siri/Kinect-type controls in Google TV's future? As Google itself says, "Google TV is a marathon not a sprint," which seems to indicate it's only just getting out of the starting blocks.