Netpicks: Everything coming and going on Netflix for October

Netflix banks on "Stranger Things 2" to anchor its October as it loses a lot of quality shows, including "30 Rock," "Louie" and "Friday Night Lights."

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According to IMDb, the Duffer Brothers wanted to direct "It." They got rejected and created "Stranger Things." Wow.

Jackson Davis/Netflix

October for Netflix is a mixed bag. A staggering 29 Netflix originals, both films and shows, will be plugged into the service. If you have a pulse, you're excited for "Stranger Things 2." The show returns just before Halloween -- perfectly timed.

Then there's the fourth season of "Voltron: Legendary Defender," arriving on lucky Friday the 13th. If you're into '80s nostalgia, you might get a kick out of this show.

But there are also a lot of big losses for Netflix, starting on Oct. 1. Seasons 1-7 of "30 Rock" go kaput on that day. Six seasons of "The Wonder Years" disappear on the first. The brilliant "Louie" is leaving Netflix on Oct. 27. Hulu has made waves gobbling up series, so I'd bet you'll see these shows back online, just at another service.

Check out the full list below. Notable titles are in bold.

Available on Netflix, October 2017

Oct. 1

Oct. 2

Oct. 3

  • 13 Demons
  • Rodney Carrington: Here Comes The Truth (Netflix original)
  • Cult of Chucky
  • The Survivalist

Oct. 4

Oct. 5

Oct. 6

  • ID-0, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Skylanders Academy, season 2 (Netflix original)
  • Suburra, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson (Netflix original)
  • Word Party, season 3 (Netflix original)

Oct. 7

  • Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life
  • Middle Man

Oct. 10

Oct. 11

Oct. 12

  • Fe de etarras (Netflix original film)

Oct. 13

Oct. 15

  • Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses
  • Lego: City, Season 1
  • Money
  • OtherLife
  • She Makes Comics
  • West Coast Customs, season 6

Oct. 17

  • Patton Oswalt: Annihilation (Netflix original)
  • Slasher: Guilty Party (Netflix original)

Oct. 19

  • Wedding Unplanned

Oct. 20

Oct. 23

October 24

  • Wanted, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Wanted, season 2 (Netflix original)
  • The Mist, season 1

Oct. 25

Oct. 26

  • Strange Weather

Oct. 27

  • Stranger Things 2 (Netflix original)
  • Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold (Netflix original)

Oct. 28

  • Pup Star: Better 2Gether

Oct. 30

  • Judah Friedlander: America Is The Greatest Country In The United States (Netflix original)

Oct. 31

  • Zumbo's Just Desserts, season 1 (Netflix original)

Leaving Netflix, October 2017

Oct. 1

Oct. 19

Oct. 21

Oct. 27

Oct. 29

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