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Netflix uses Emmys to say: We're now, TV is then

During the Emmys broadcast, Netflix runs ad featuring Ricky Gervais and says that it's "The Entertainment Of Today."

A member of the true modern family? Netflix/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In presenting the Emmys, Seth Meyers joked that TV is more today than movies.

At which Netflix guffawed like a drunken Brando.

During the NBC broadcast, Netflix ran an ad that placed a stake not so much in the ground, but more in the solar plexus of television.

Featuring Ricky Gervais, star of the Netflix TV series "Derek," the ad seemed to sell some of Netflix's most popular series, such as "House Of Cards" and "Orange Is The New Black."

The heart of it, though, lay in the tagline. "The Entertainment Of Today" suggests that TV and movies are both a couple of old wind-breakers, doddering toward the exit of entertainment.

You have to admire the confidence, one which will be further enhanced when Netflix reveals precisely how many people watch each of its fine works.

Still, when it comes to image projection, the company has made enormous leaps since the day it announced the marvelous line extension known as Qwikster.