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Netflix movies on demand coming to UK next year

Rejoice, movie addicts: US online movie service Netflix is coming to the UK.

Rejoice, movie addicts: US online movie service Netflix is coming to the UK. Hopefully, this means LoveFilm, Film4oD and the rest will raise their game.

In early 2012 you'll be able to watch films on demand on your computer, just like our colonial cousins. For a "low monthly price" you simply choose a movie or TV show and start watching straight away on your computer, tablet, games console or phone.

Details of pricing and the exact launch date will be revealed nearer the time, and you can sign up to be alerted by Netflix at

Netflix makes no mention of DVD rental, which is part of its US service, so Amazon's LoveFilm probably won't face competition on that score. But Netflix's arrival in the UK and Ireland will hopefully shake up the still-nascent film streaming market.

We're hoping that Netflix coming here will prompt other services to up their game on the quality of streaming. We love LoveFilm, but its lag-ridden, low-resolution online streaming is like poking yourself in the eyes with a wooden spoon. The quality of streaming in the new LoveFilm iPad app is beautifully crisp, so let's hope that eye-massaging cinema-tastic quality comes to the online service too.

We're also hoping that Netflix will improve the choice of movies available for those of us who aren't tied into telly contracts. While LoveFilm has a vast selection of films on DVD, the choice of films available to watch straight away is limited.

Even if you search across LoveFilm, Film4oD, the troubled SeeSaw or blinkbox -- even iTunes -- there's no guarantee you'll find the film you want. And we're not talking about 1920s Ukrainian documentaries on snail-farming here, we're talking proper Hollywood films. We've long bemoaned the lack of choice to those of us who don't have Sky or Virgin Media telly, and don't want Sky or Virgin Media telly -- we just want to watch Tron. Is that so much to ask?

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