Netflix is bingeing on the world's internet usage

And it's trumping the other streamers.

Jennifer Bisset
Jennifer Bisset
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Jennifer Bisset

Emma Stone in recent Netflix miniseries Maniac.

Michele K Short/Netflix

It turns out watching Netflix all day is making a dent in our collective internet usage.

A report by Sandvine, posted late September, has found that 15 percent of all internet bandwidth worldwide is consumed by people watching Netflix. According to Sandvine, that makes Netflix the No. 1 downstream application worldwide.

The full report from Sandvine arrived on Oct. 2 through a web seminar. It showed that behind Netflix, YouTube represented 11.4 percent of downstream traffic, web browsing 7.8 percent, and MPEG transport stream 4.4 percent.

As for just the video streamers, Netflix has a 26.6 percent share globally, topping YouTube's 21.3 percent, Amazon Prime Video's 5.7 percent and Twitch's 3.5 percent.

This is good news for Netflix, who next year will come up against Disney's "Netflix-killer" streaming platform, which will pull Marvel Studios, Pixar movies and Lucasfilm movies from Netflix's platform.

Netflix has been contacted for comment.